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    Don't be crazy to buy a monitor! How big is the computer monitor to buy?

    2019-01-11 16:03:48 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.
      Nowadays, the size of displays on the market is getting larger and larger. For Internet cafes, large-size displays such as 27 and 32 are becoming more and more mainstream. In the face of the large screen trend of the monitor, how big is the computer monitor to buy? Is the display really bigger, the better? actually not.

      Admittedly, large-screen displays have the advantage of being able to display more content, enabling multi-screen split display, providing significant immersion, with higher resolution, and the ability to...plus At present, the price of cabbage in the large-screen display has been accepted by the vast number of consumers. In this case, it seems that there is no choice to choose a large-screen display.

      But in fact, to buy a large-screen display, you still need to consider the mix of other parameters, blindly pursue the screen size, may be disappointing! In the end, choosing a large-sized display is a matter of learning. It still needs to be considered carefully. Otherwise, it will be extremely inconvenient. I have seen too many people around me because the size of the monitor is not suitable, and it is changed back and forth.

      First of all, before buying a monitor, be sure to specify your purchase purpose. If you buy a monitor to play games at home, watch movies, or you can choose a larger display with your own preferences. Or super widescreen elements to enjoy the visual feast of the big screen!

      For the vast majority of ordinary office workers, the choice of office machines must not be too large, one is a large area, the second is a variety of office work, 21.5 inches is just right; of course, for those with special needs Said, such as design graphics editing and other professionals, BOSS need multi-screen segmentation for various monitoring, etc., you can choose the top-level large-screen display, can avoid the trouble of group dual-screen or multi-screen. If you are playing a game, then 23-24 inches is recommended, and for those who like to watch video and power, it is recommended to be 27 inches or larger.

      Finally, it still emphasizes the old argument of 800 times, and the big screen must match the high resolution! 27-inch with 2K screen, 32-inch and above with 4K or even higher resolution screen, in short, one sentence, upgrade screen size, you must upgrade the resolution! ! ! We can see that there are many on the market in order to save costs. The 30+ inch display uses this 1080P resolution. The price is cabbage, but the effect is simply! In addition, "27 inches + 2K" is the current mainstream mix.

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