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    How much is the eyesight comfortable with the brightness contrast of the monitor?

    2019-01-11 16:09:55 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.
      LCD monitor is an indispensable display device for desktop computers. We must face the monitor when playing games and office. If the monitor is not adjusted to the appropriate contrast and brightness, it will hurt the eyes and have a certain vision for the user. The effect of eye fatigue, the brightness and contrast of the display is appropriate? How much is the eyesight comfortable with the brightness contrast of the monitor? The following small series gives you a popular science.

      Popular Science: The brightness of the display is well understood, needless to say. Contrast determines the visual effect. The higher the contrast value, the clearer the image will be and the more vivid the color will be. The smaller the contrast, the more grateful the displayed image will be, the high contrast will allow the display to have better clarity, gray levels, details and so on.

      How much is the contrast of the computer monitor?
      We can adjust the contrast of the display to the maximum state, judge the clear state of the picture one by one, and visually judge the contrast is very suitable for ourselves. In general, the contrast of the liquid crystal display is optimally about 60%.

      How much is the brightness of the computer monitor?

      The minimum brightness of the LCD should be adjusted to 40, the maximum is 80, so the damage to the eyes is also minimal. The higher the resolution of the display, the darker the brightness should be adjusted.

      Display contrast and brightness tips
      If the ambient environment is dark after turning off the lights at night, if the contrast value and brightness value of the display are high, the screen will become very dazzling, then we need to reduce the brightness value. If it is during the day, try to increase the brightness so that you don't get tired.

      At work, the contrast of the display is preferably between 60 and 80, and the brightness is preferably between 40 and 60. When playing a game, it is recommended to adjust the brightness and contrast to between 80 and 100, so that the visual effect will be better.

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