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    How about the evaluation of the portable display of Weichensi games?

    2019-01-11 16:15:38 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.

    Nowadays, portable displays can be seen anywhere in a second-tier city. The people who use these products are all handsome men and women. They have higher and higher requirements for the appearance and performance of portable displays. Let us include many aspects of his life on this product. Among the many 3C products, how about the evaluation of the portable display of the Weichensi game? Let's see Xiaobian for everyone to introduce!

    Portable display

    I don't know if you have seen the same product when you saw this product. The biggest convenience that the monitor brings in our daily life is to use the notebook as a split screen, and browse more windows to improve office efficiency. And if it is made portable, what kind of scene should I use? Then everyone thinks about it, every time you go out on a business trip, without the company's external monitor, is the office efficiency greatly reduced? Taking advantage of the display of several kilograms of the display on the market is completely unrealistic, the portable display becomes a good assistant, and the scene that this display can use is not limited to split-screen office.


    The appearance of the second-generation display and the design of the Weichensi generation of monitors belong to a style, all of which use a simple shape, the overall low-key and black-looking, like a "black tablet", but from the screen it can be seen that this is not a tablet, because the tablet It is usually a mirror screen, and the screen of this monitor is obviously matte.

    Although I knew from the beginning that this display is a portable style, the weight is definitely very light, but it is still a bit surprising when I pick it up. It is not a problem to lift it with one hand. The official parameter shows that the weight is only 820g; the thickness is also surprising. , only about 7MM, the same thickness as some mobile phones.

    The screen is equipped with a 15.6-inch display (13.3 inches for the Weichensi monitor). It is still a narrow frame. The whole side is a screen. The back shell and the surrounding frame of the monitor are made of metal. It looks more integrated. In addition, Xiao Bian is quite satisfied with this screen, which is a 1080P HD screen with 72% color gamut, brightness of 300cd/m2, and viewing angle of 170°, whether it is under strong light or from the side and above. The screen can be seen clearly.
    Portable display
    The back of the display is flat, you can see the sound outlets of the two speakers, and four wall hanging holes are reserved. With a bracket, you can hang the wall or hang it on the edge of the bed. There is a circular hole at the bottom right of the display, you can freely find a suitable size object, such as a ballpoint pen, etc. It is very convenient to insert and hold the display directly on the desktop.
    The interface design is also relatively simple, all the buttons that need to be used are concentrated on the right side of the display, a total of five, divided into power button, menu button, exit button and two adjustment buttons; the lower left side of the display is concentrated One USB Type-C, two MiniHDMI and one headphone jack, a MiniHDMI interface is added compared to the previous generation, and the Type-C is also upgraded to a full-featured version. The charging and data transmission are concentrated on one interface, and the display supports 5V/1A power supply. That is to say, the charging treasure can also supply power to it, even without a power cord.


    Portable display

    With the display, there is a folding protection support holster, which can be adjusted in three angles. As a bracket, it can also be used as a protective cover. The protective cover is also black, matte texture, and the handle is more delicate and dirt-resistant.
    In addition, there is a 1.5-meter USB-A to USB-C data cable, a USB-C to USB-C data cable, also a full-featured version, a 2 meter HDMI to Mini HDMI HD cable , 1 HDMI adapter, 1 adapter, and 2 hand-screw screws, from the package attached to the object, this Wei Chensi second-generation display is not simple, just the adapter cable is equipped with three.

    1. Connect the notebook as a split screen

    Since it is a monitor, the first scene to be tested is to use the notebook as a split screen. After directly connecting the power cable and the Mini HDMI cable, press the power button to start using it directly (if the notebook is equipped with a full-featured USB- C interface, directly use a USB-C to USB-C data cable connection), like the Victorian generation of monitors, no need to adjust the settings, of course, you can also press the menu button to adjust the screen according to their own habits Brightness, display color and other parameters, the default setting is the initial setting of most monitors; and if you accidentally press the screen settings you don't like, you can also select "Reset" to recall the original.

    Portable display appearance

    The screen display of 72% color gamut is still quite good, and as an auxiliary display, when it needs multi-tasking and multi-window office, its practicability is reflected. It is also very good to be a PPT while watching movies. Easy. In addition, Wei Chensi's generation of monitors are not equipped with speakers, but this one is equipped with one on both the left and the right, and the sound is not bad when placed outside.

    2. As a game display
    Then adapt to the PS4, XBOX Nintendo, switch game consoles and other equipment, even directly on the battle, 15.6-inch large screen display, plus the effect of the dual speakers, bringing a more intense sense of the game; if you want to lie down To play, you can use the wall hanging hole reserved on the back of the monitor to purchase a bracket to open more usage scenarios.

    Portable display

    3. Mobile screen

    Digital products equipped with USB-C interface can generally unlock the use of the original function, this Wei Chensi second-generation display is no exception. Connect the phone to the monitor with the USB-C to USB-C cable, and then the following scene appears. (Note: The USB-C interface of the mobile phone also needs to be a full-featured version. If you can't buy a screencaster yourself)

    15.6-inch large-screen display playing "Fifth Personality" is really not cool, no need to squint when deciphering, staring at the small screen to watch the anti-regulators, the winning rate is doubled properly! Of course, the hot chicken should also try it, comparable to the "plug".

    Portable display

    In general, the scenes that can be used are quite rich, not only can be as efficient as ordinary external display screens, but also can meet the needs of the game, bringing more fun and interesting ways of use; It is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this Weichensi second-generation display.

    It can not only carry out the office, but also enable business people to enjoy the efficient work brought by the split screen, and connect a variety of game devices to bring a more enjoyable game experience. It is believed to be similar to the Victorian portable display. The products will be more and more in the future. After all, in the current competitive pressure, efficiency and entertainment are indispensable. What do you think of such a portable display?

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