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    Portable display debut performance is good value for money

    2019-01-11 19:04:17 Announcer:Shenzhen Weichensi Technology Co., Ltd.

    When it comes to going out to work, the current office method is quick and accurate. The portable display here has brought great convenience to everyone, but many small white classics are ideal for purchasing professional performance and good value for money. Please see the small series for A few of the ones you recommend! There is also a price of less than 1K.

    In terms of size, it is actually recommended to choose from 14-21 inches, because the 13-inch is too small, it is not easy to use, and the display in the range of 14-15.6 inches is not too practical. Feel more comfortable.In fact, I believe that everyone is more concerned about the price of the monitor. After comprehensive use and some parameters on the official website, I found that it can be selected in a few k or so. Don’t be tempted to buy a price, and don’t buy too expensive. After all, it is a business trip.

    Portable display

    Here are a few specific recommendations based on your needs, for reference only.

    1. Weichensi standard HDMI 17.3 inch display

    Portable display debut, performance is not professional, cost-effective

    First let's take a look at the parameters of this section, the screen size is 15.6 inches.

    With a 178-degree visual range, you can see a clear picture at different distances and ranges, thus enhancing your experience.

    The Smart Image-optimized display function is used to automatically adjust the image status by selecting different preset scene modes.

    LowBlue mode effectively reduces Blu-ray and develops intelligent software technology for healthy work, reducing harmful short-wavelength blue light.

    2. Wei Chensi ultra-thin narrow frame 15.6-inch display

    Portable display

    Portable display debut, performance is not professional, cost-effective

    The current price/performance ratio of this model is very good, and the screen size is 15.6 inches.

    Ultra-thin narrow frame 15.6-inch display

    1080P portable display

    Whether touch screen: touch screen

    Touch screen type: capacitive

    Additional features: built-in speaker

    Screen size: 15.6 inches

    Vertical viewing angle: 178°

    Panel type: IPS

    Interface Type: Audio TYPE-C HDMI

    Resolution: 1920*1080 (Full HD)

    Horizontal viewing angle: 178°

    Screen ratio: 16:9

    Screen type: WLED

    Whether it comes with a speaker: yes

    Model: wcsdq3

    Gross weight: 850g

    Static contrast ratio: 800:1

    Color Classification :Black [Normal Edition No Touch] Blue

    With 16.7 million color numbers, the visual experience is more realistic, and the pure 8-bit panel releases the color energy, and the picture quality is more delicate.

    1000:1 dynamic contrast, more subtle detail experience, make white more pure, black deeper, sharp contrast, no shadow.

    5ms rapid response, shorter response time, solve the display problem under high-speed changes such as smear and afterimage.

    Comfortable low blue light, greatly reducing the screen flicker and providing a comfortable experience while ensuring a clear picture.

    The IPS 178-degree hard-screen wide viewing angle provides a good visual experience no matter which angle you view.

    1920*1080 full HD resolution, double the visible area of HD, improving work efficiency.

    96% sRGB color resolution, 16.7 million color distribution, clear color, accurate image detail.

    Portable display debut Good performance and good value for money, the most common thing about office travel is PPT, as long as we buy our portable display, it is handy in the office, when it comes to cost performance, definitely a penny, but the channels of purchase are different, then our The price is also different. Everyone knows that a certain treasure, the price of a certain east is actually 20% off the price of our factory direct sales, do not believe? Come and call us!

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